Combining traditional services with tech-driven solutions to ensure zero waste to landfill layout

At Electronics Waste Management LLC, we’re relentlessly working towards revolutionizing the entire e-waste industry. Through our state-of-the-art, technology-driven services, and a team of highly qualified e-waste management professionals, we aim to reduce e-waste pollution and the impact of waste disposal on the environment. Our suite of products and services are meant for one and all and can be used individually or combined to help reduce electronic waste generation, landfill dumps, and creates valuable renewable fuels.


Our services typically include recycling and processing, equipment refurbishing, closed-loop recycling, asset management, and de-manufacturing. Our vast clientele includes many Fortune 500 companies, state and local governments, regional grocery chains, food service companies, and hospitality firms. Currently, our services are available in Atlanta and Georgia, and we’re working towards widening our horizon.

Our Mission:- To successfully develop healthy relationships with companies and businesses across regions to meet their e-waste management needs and work together towards building a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment.

Our Vision:- To become a pristine e-waste management organization that’s trusted by one and all. We aim to offer state-of-the-art, technology-driven e-waste management facilities at the most reasonable cost.

Choose from one of our five key recycling processes and manage your e-waste with EMW:

1. Recycling and Processing
2. Equipment Refurbishing
3. Closed Loop Recycling
4. Assets Management
5. De-Manufacturing

Computers Recycling
Electronics Recycling
Phone Recycling
CPU Recycling
Battery Recycling
E-Waste Recycling

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