Data Destruction, Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama

At Electronics Waste Management, we offer state-of-the-art data destruction services in line with current e-waste management standards and government guidelines. We ensure that every bit of data present on an electronic gadget, whether personal, of an organization, or their customers, is entirely and thoroughly eliminated before the device is fed to the e-waste recycling machines.

Our typical data destruction services are as following:

  • Data Wiping
  • Hard Drive Degaussin
  • Disk Shredding

Sanitization – Electronics Waste Management uses the best and latest data destruction software to effectively and efficiently destroy all traces of data present on an electronic gadget before it’s destroyed, refurbished, or re-used for another capacity.

Degaussing – It’s a method used to magnetically alter media data using an electromagnetic field so that it becomes unrecoverable. Degaussing completely renders the disk making it unreadable and unusable.
Gadget Shredding – Electronics Waste Management offers on-site and off-site shredding of electronic gadgets. Such a process makes it impossible to recover any data from the shredded pieces.

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