Computers Laptop

Electric motors

CRT Mon.r &LCD

Bar code scanners


Banking equipment

Tape Drlves

Projectors / Receivers / Routers/

AC adapters / swItch toms/

AmPlifiers / AmP meter/Net.ora,

Check prInters/Sound Equipment

Network Equipment


Office Equlpment

Equipment Barcode equipment

Copy machines, Fax machines

Telecom racks and Servers

Transformers and Test

CommunIcation Room

Docking StatIons/Telephones

Terminals/ Voltage generators

Securty Cameras, Recorders

MaInhame equipment

Plotters, Printers

TYPewraers/FloPpy drlves

Scanners / Cell phones

cabinets Office shredders

Cash counters / Cash reg.sters

Telephone systems

Surplus Inventory Cnb invent

All electron. /w cIrcult boards

Power DistrIbutIon Units (POD), (UPS )

1;1=ave/Groun0 and Satellite

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