Here at Electronics Waste Management with our zero to landfill policy here are our main recycling procedure
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Complete Recycling Solutions

For Computers & Electronics

At Electronic Waste Management, we understand that every firm feels the need to update their existing office equipment with new electronic assets to ace up their work. But what do you do with your old IT assets? While most firms just dump them in the dumpsters or landfills, we recommend opting for an environment-friendly option.


Hire an agency like ours to not only help manage your old e-waste but ensure all the data present on these devices is duly and completely eliminated, too, to avoid any data security breaches. Backed by a team of highly qualified IT asset disposition professionals, we further ensure that asset disposition happens in a secure and controlled environment to ensure zero or negligible production of e-pollution.


Furthermore, if you’re looking to donate your old or obsolete IT assets to the community, we’ll help you do that. We, alongside our third-party vendors, have associations with many early child care centers, regular daycare centers, and non-profit organizations, who’re always on a lookout for IT asset donations.

IT Asset remarketing

Maximize Your Surplus, Electronics Resale Value

IT Asset remarketing

Do you have a surplus of IT assets stacked in your organization, such as laptops, servers, desktops, and more? Are you looking for vendors to sell your surplus? Then we’re the perfect organization to partner with.

At Electronics Waste Management, we not only help you find the right IT asset buyers but help you sell them at the right prices as well. We assess your assets based on their age, condition, appearance, and functionality and create a recovery strategy that’ll best suit your demands.

Our remarketing strategy includes:

1. Review Assets
2. Collect
3. Test and destroy data
4. Sales
5. Get paid

The advancements in hardware and software technologies have quickly added to the amount of IT asset surplus that organization’s hold today. As per a study reported by the National Safety Council, more than 30 million personal computers become obsolete every year. Don’t dispose of this waste. Instead, get them recycled or refurbished to reduce e-waste production.

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